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Freetime Hospitality: the leading hospitality partner in the Netherlands

‘Freetime Hospitality’ is a division of the Freetime Company, established in Amsterdam, which is a trendsetter in the Netherlands within the area of reservation systems, cash registers systems, kitchen management systems and is widely known from the PMS system ‘VIPS’.

On account of these combined strengths, we open our doors for you and help you to gain even more from your hospitality business and this In all areas of your business operations. From your business and marketing strategy up to and including your bookings and payments. Hospitality from H to Z…

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Reservation systems

Freetime Hospitality has its own PMS system: VIPS

VIPS is a reservation system that keeps you up-to-date and it will give you an edge on your competitors. VIPS is therefore the leading reservation in The Netherlands. Many hotels, parks, exhibition halls, sports centers, convention centers, event agencies and auditoriums have long been familiar with VIPS.

The VIPS reservation systems are available for hotels and events. The hotel reservation system VIPS is available in three variations. Therefor this reservation system is applicable to all hotel types. The event reservation system is suitable for any type of event.

POS system

Looking for a convenient and complete POS system for your restaurant? At Freetime Hospitality  you are at the right address for an all-round POS system. We provide the POS hardware, POS software and POS accessories for your catering cash register. Checking out was never so easy!

Booking Street

Saving commission and transaction costs?

The bookingstreet is entirely integrated within your website and is available from VIPS6. Through this two-way connection you maintain the availability of your accommodation and venues in VIPS and the reservations are also processed real time within VIPS. Uniquely to VIPS, both the arrangements and  room rates can be shown and managed.

The bookingstreet can be integrated in your website in different ways, it depends on the technical specifications of your website. It is free to connect the bookingstreet to the Ogone payment platforms and OmniKassa. There are also extensive options for configuring extras and sell them (from tourist tax to a bottle of wine for a room, action codes, etc.). It is also possible to connect the entry bookingstreet to Vakantieveilingen other voucher providers with a web interface.



Calcmenu Pro is a user friendly kitchenmanagementsystem for recipes and pricing caculations. The Calcmenu Pro kitchenmanagementsystem is internationally renowned software product of EGS EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software SA. It is Switzerland’s leading software product for the hospitality industry and is recommended by the Association of Swiss chefs. Calcmenu Pro has long been used by thousands of prestigious hotels, restaurants, hospitals, caterers, airlines, and culinary institutions worldwide.


Ideal for cafeterias, cafes, restaurants and terraces.

The guestscallsystem is a proven system, ideal for all situations where a customer is waiting for an appointment or order. When the customer orders he will receive a pager that he’ll take to his table. Whenever the order is ready, the LED lights will blink and the pager vibrates, possibly with a sound signal. Simple!

Channel Management

Complete management of your booking sites from VIPS

Do you want to change and manage the availability of booking sites from one place? That is what the channel management system Cubilis of Stardekk is for. Cubilis is implemented within VIPS, allowing you to manage all booking sites from one central screen in VIPS. All allotments are adjusted via a two-way connection and all bookings of your hotel are imported in VIPS. You can create different categories each with its own profile and keep track of all booking channels. Thanks to channel management this saves you time.

Business telephone system

Smart coupling a telephone system with booking VIPS6

  • Reduces costs, increased efficiency and guest satisfaction.
  • Ready for the future; PBX works on current and new (IP) technology.
  • Pop-up of relationship and guest information in the reservation VIPS6 based on caller ID. You can directly enter booking details. VIPS6 provides up-sell opportunities from the guest history.
  • Acquisition of (reservation) telephone traffic through the service of Freetime Company; reduces costs, increases the accessibility and completely handles reservations.